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bait and switch. Sep. 28th, 2004 @ 10:01 am
imagine, if you will the following scenario: person 'a' is driving. this person also has necessary for life (though not to drive) equipment in the car. they then pick person 'b' up, in order to go to a planned dinner, getting one other person along the way. when going to pick up person 'c' person 'b' mentions that this equipment will prevent person 'c' from sitting. the only option is to remove the equipment, and place it at the abode of person 'c'. upon returning from the meal, person 'c' askes to be dropped off at a different location, not the aforementioned abode, in order to run an errand, stating the need to just be left there, and no need to return person 'c' to their point of origin.

seemingly a lesser endeavour, until, upon arrival at this 'supermarket', it is noted that the equipment person 'b' recommended be left behind is at person 'c's, thereby essentially forcing person 'a' to wait for person 'c' to be done 'shopping', and essentially become 'errand person(with car)'.

premeditated ploy?

i think so.
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Sep. 16th, 2004 @ 02:09 am
JFC. this is like the biggest joke ever.
you people are like those russian nesting dolls in animal crossing.

Aug. 10th, 2004 @ 11:34 am

does someone wanna tell me why 'sodomy' is an interest of this community?
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point-counterpoint. May. 23rd, 2004 @ 07:18 pm
today: a play in one act

cast: driver. 2 nondrivers.

(a beach, somewhere in san francisco)

non-driver 1: wow, this is fun and all, but i'm too tired and/or lazy to take the bus back home...

nondriver 2: hey, why don't we call someone with a car, invite them, and then, as soon as they get here, use them to drive us home!

nondriver 1: great idea! (dialing phone)
(to driver) hey we just got here! it's great! come over we'll be here for a while!

the end.
Current Mood: bitter

May. 13th, 2004 @ 12:28 pm
hey there!
i never made an introductory post...do you do that sorta thing here? well i dont drive currently, as i got rid of my car a couple years ago, but i USED to drive and i still have a liscense that isnt expired, so gary granted me citizenship here. i bum rides of gary sometimes its true. i think i was the one he's referring to in the april 29 post. and. thats. ok.

in my defense i want to make it known that ive offered him gas money. i know though, when i used to drive people, rarely would anyone offer gas money. maybe its a good idea to put a sign across from the passenger seat that says how much you charge.
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» (No Subject)
i still have a car.
i have to use it to drive my sorry ass to the hospital tomorrow morning. because i have motherfucking strep throat.
fuck cars.
no. you know what?
fuck throats.
» few and far between.
sometimes, driving out of your way is worth it.
» tonight is just like any other night...
today i had to go out of the way to drive people who couldn't even make up their minds about where they wanted to go.
and then it was kinda the opposite direction, but i had to drive them home, and all i want to do is sleep!
» (No Subject)
today i drove someone who isn't even my best friend to the airport.
then later i was actually a passenger. it was kinda weird.
» frivolity.
today, i totally had to go waaay out of the way to take someone to costco, thereby delaying the oh so important plans for the rest of the day.
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